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What is an infoFinder?

An infoFinder is an intelligent Windows program that finds, retrieves, and actually reads Internet information. infoFinders can search hundreds of top Internet sources all at once, and bring you just what you're looking for.  infoFinders are small, fast, and inexpensive, and they can save you hours of research time.

Job Seekers: Search hundreds of Internet employment sites for the best job leads and company background information.  Career infoFinder > 

Students and Home Internet Users:
Lost in the web?  Just tell Web infoFinder what to look for, and it combs the Internet for the best documents. You get great answers right away.  Web infoFinder >

Business Professionals: Search top Internet sources for company profile, copyright, and industry news information.  Biz infoFinder >

Public Relations professionals:
 Try our customized version of our Biz infoFinder tuned for PR professionals.   PR infoFinder >

Human Resources Professionals:  Looking for employment in the HR field?  Search the top Internet employment sites for Human Resources opportunities.   HR infoFinder >

Recruiters:  Smart recruiting professionals have been using our Resume infoFinders for years to find the best candidates on the Internet.  We have improved the look and features of our Resume infoFinders in our flagship recruiting solution: Platinum Recruiter >.

(Users of our Resume infoFinder products are welcome to browse our original Resume infoFinder Pages >)