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About Us

Our Company's History

Intelligent Algorithms, makers of Internet recruiting productivity software under the trademark name infoGISTâ„¢, was formed in April, 1996. With a combined experience base of over 40 years in the online information industry at Lexis Nexis, we recognized there was a profound shift in how electronic information would be consumed with the advent and emergence of the Internet.

Before the Internet revolutionized the Information industry, online information vendors would collect, standardize and store information, and then make it accessible to their end users through a proprietary user interface.  But the Internet broke that mold.  The complexity of the Internet placed the burden on the user to find relevant sites, figure out how to search each site, and combine information from multiple sites. The process was less efficient, more time-consuming, and lacked many of the features available in earlier information products.

To fill the void, Intelligent Algorithms created a value proposition with a focused vision: allow users to quickly find and use on-point information from the Internet, their Intranets, LANs, and local hard drives with unparalleled ease of use while providing outstanding customer support. These are the core values we continue to follow today.

With in-depth knowledge of technology and the Internet, we began to focus on the recruiting industry in 1997.  We consulted with recruiting industry experts and visionaries and worked with proactive customers to create products that matched our vision and met recruiters' needs. In 1998 we launched our first family of Internet recruiting productivity applications, Resume infoFinders.

Resume infoFinders are built on an innovative power-browser concept that lets users enter usernames and passwords once, run a single search, and get results from a variety of resume sources in a single answer set.  The recruiter's usernames, passwords, and resumes are all kept securely on the local PC, and no documents are stored on in-between servers.

Our Resume infoFinders were unmatched in the number and complexity of sites they could search They were the first software to market that could search password protected sites, run scheduled searches and send mass emails extracted automatically from online resumes.  We pioneered the virtually unheard of process of automatically updating our software over the Internet. 

Many of our proprietary features remain exclusive today, including real-time relevancy ranking, refining your answer set without returning to the Internet, and full-text searching resumes that you've retrieved and stored on your hard drive or LAN.  We continue to lead the market in supporting the widest array of free and pay resume sites, web search engines, web communities, college sites, and popular news sites – even Applicant Tracking Systems. 

In June, 2006, we launched Platinum Recruiter with a new and fresher user interface, easier navigation, more searchable sites, and improved features.  And we continue to improve our software, listen carefully to our customers' suggestions, and provide the finest in customer support.  Thousands of companies have saved time and money using our Internet recruiting productivity solutions, and we invite you to discover the infoGIST difference - where recruiting meets technology. 

Who has time for anything else?